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Femme Issue Three Is Here!

It seems with each Editor’s Note that we write, the fight for gender equality in the music industry becomes more of a discussed topic. More and more womxn and non-binary people have been speaking openly about the importance of collaborating with one another and calling out the bullshit of the industry, and it fills us with joy that our fight for gender equality in the music industry is spreading.
With every release that we do, we learn more about ourselves, industry issues, what musicians would like to change, and how we can help to change it. With our third issue being our biggest one yet, we’ve had the pleasure of working with a wider range of creatives, artists, and musicians than ever before. Our message is even spreading overseas, where we’ve only gone and got the world’s most exciting new act, Confidence Man, as our cover stars!
This issue is also exciting for us as we’ve taken on two new members to our creative team, Maisy Farren and Ellinna Horton. We wanted the design of…

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