Creatives, We Want You!

So, what better day to let the cat out of the bag than International Women's Day. 

As some of you may know, we have our own show on Wired Radio called FEMME. FEMME is dedicated to showcasing the best new female talent in the music industry, and providing a platform to hardworking badass musicians that may not get the recognition they deserve due to their gender. 

As much as we love playing their tunes across the airwaves, we're still left feeling like a single slot on a radio station isn't enough we can do to fight our cause so..... WE'RE FRANCHISING! 

As of September 2017 FEMME Zine will be launching, a zine dedicated to women in the music industry. In honour of our zine launch, we will also be hosting club nights in London with an all female line-up. 

If you are a writer, journalist, blogger, poet, artist, illustrator, logo maker, creative, events coordinator, musician, or just someone who feels like they have something to say on the matter, GET IN TOUCH - WE WANT YOU! 

Love love, D & G xx


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