Premiere: Ellie Bleach proves she is the master of ironic pop in new single 'Leave Me Alone'

Hailing from Southend-on-Sea, 20-year-old musician Ellie Bleach is taking tongue-in-cheek romantic narratives and turning them into a subtly ironic alt-pop spectacle in newest single 'Leave Me Alone'.

Bleach has already been turning heads despite only starting to create music a mere three years ago after a few successful open mic nights. Bleach writes songs that are smart, calculated, relatable and all together the ultimate blend of nostalgic organ-led pop. Unlike her earlier internet releases such as 'Hey Space Cowboy' and 'Duvet Day', Bleach explores her poppier side in new track 'Leave Me Alone', proving that she's mastered the formula of how to write the perfect pop song tinged with satirical (and relatable) offhand comments on the modern dating world. In 'Leave Me Alone', Bleach bellows "thank God being sad is cool, because I've spent more time crying in my room than I spent with you" - unashamedly relatable af.

The song itself is a collaboration of synth and backing vocals that wouldn't be entirely out of place in Heartbreak Hotel's elevator, rounded up and called to arms by soulful melodies. Almost carefree, Bleach tells a story we all know too well and one that isn't afraid to say leave me alone, as the title would suggest. You can listen to the track below.