Premiere: CHINCHILLA debuts with the empowering 'Elements'

Traditional pop music as we know it has been around for upwards of 50+ years, adapting and evolving with musical trends and styles as time's progressed. From Disco, to New Wave, to what we now recognise and understand as Pop music, throughout history popular music has always tended to follow an almost formulaic approach of songwriting to ensure success. While Hit Me Baby One More Time and One Kiss are definitely certified bangers, there certainly wasn't any risk in releasing them, and they were almost guaranteed chart success. Yet, under the layer of fabricated glitz, glamour, and tactic of pop music exists of subculture of musicians pushing the musical boat out, one in particularly being London-based experimental pop artist and producer, CHINCHILLA.

If you haven't heard of CHINCHILLA yet, don't worry, because you'll soon be seeing her everywhere. CHINCHILLA combines a soaring vocal range that even Beyonce would nod to, with experimental, trap-like production. The concoction makes for a refreshing and impactful listening experience in CHINCHILLA's debut single 'Elements', the type that makes you replay the song straight after you just listened to it because you're unsure of what the fuck you just heard. The track is lyrically an undeniable feminist anthem, where CHINCHILLA hurls "Where my girls? Cos' we said it from the get-go / We're a million times better off as solo, we can take 'em down", a sentiment that many of us can relate to. 

Watch the lyric video above.