Premiere: Brighton four-piece Lime debut with Surf N Turf


February's a rough one, isn't it? The weather's shite, hardly anything's on, and most of us are spending our days stuck in the monotonous pattern of sleeping/working while we await longer days and warmer air. There are few motivating forces of this dreadful month, but Brighton-based four piece Lime's jangly new debut single 'Surf N Turf' is definitely an exception.

Catchy surf-pop riffs match up with Lime's signature tongue in cheek lyrics in Surf N Turf. The tune is a brilliant amalgamation of Lime's influences and a great representation of the repertoire of work soon to come from the quartet.

I went to Lime's single launch for Surf N Turf last week and was genuinely left wanting more - it's been a very very very long time since I've experienced that (reader, I am old). Their passion for and seriousness towards their craft is admirable, and will definitely get them far in this pretty ruthless industry of ours.

Premiering on The Femme Collective today, Surf N Turf's visual companion gives us an insight into the inner psyche of Lime. A trippy, zesty, confusing fever dream, the song and music video are a proper journey and we're so here for it. Strap in folks, I have a feeling this is just the beginning for Lime.

You can stream Surf N Turf here
Video directed and produced by Jay Bartlett.


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